Community Property Overview

Our Houston Divorce Attorney Discusses Marriage and Property Division

When a couple decides to divorce, the second largest issue to consider after child custody is property division. Texas law distinguishes community, or marital, property from separate property in divorce. Community property is generally all income and assets acquired during a marriage, while separate property is owned by one spouse prior to marriage, or is acquired by gift or inheritance. Community property is subject to division by the courts, and the division does not have to be necessarily equal as long as it is “fair and just.” An experienced Houston community property lawyer can assist spouses in protecting their separate property and ensuring they receive the maximum amount of community property to which they are entitled.

Community Property Practice Areas

Why You Need an Attorney

The categorization and division of property in divorce is a complicated issue that is the source of much contested divorce litigation. If parties cannot negotiate an agreement on their own, a court of law will make the property division determination in accordance with Texas law. Contact our Houston divorce attorney to ensure your property is protected and you receive the maximum amount to which you are entitled under law.

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